01Who We Are & What We Do

 — During 2004 the partners at Un–Available embarked on a mission to establish a manufacturing facility in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Un–Available has since grown into a 400+ strong vertically integrated manufacturer, producing garments for clients located all around the globe. Currently exporting over 40,000 units a month to countries such as England, USA, Japan and Australia, the company is host to numerous departments and currently houses its own fabric mill and printing facilities as well as an international sourcing team and a fully integrated UK based design studio.

As a vertically integrated manufacturer, Un–Available has the ability to do more than just regular CMP. Our factory facilities include a circular knit factory where we produce our own jersey, fleece, pique and rib, a printing factory which has screen, sublimation and digital printing facilities for any type of fabric and effect, sourcing staff who are always on the search for new fabric and trims, and other various departments needed in the production process such as pattern making, cutting and quality assurance. All of these various areas work closely in conjunction with our highly trained merchandising team, who act as a conduit between the customer and the factory to manage the production process and ensure the customers needs are being met. All staff and departments are located at the one site, as ease of communication and access are the key to ensuring our quality standards.

02Our Ethos

 — Un–Available is firmly committed to producing in a manner that is non – exploitative and equitable in respect of our employees – our goal is create a pleasant and happy workplace. To ensure that we meet our own exacting standards, we always strive to exceed any minimum protections or benefits that are provided for Vietnamese workers under local law. We strongly believe that having a well trained, fairly paid workforce is not only a moral imperative, but it is also the best way to ensure a quality finished productWe further believe that our customers will benefit not only through receiving a better product but also from the peace of mind in knowing that it was made  with care by people that are treated fairly.


Our Facilities

Fabric Department

 — With it’s own specialised knitting mill, Un–Available produces a variety of knit fabrics in different weights and qualities. From basic single jersey through to piques, yarn-dye stripes and terry fleece, in an assortment of yarns such as 100% cotton, organic cotton, viscose, bamboo or blends, the combinations are endless. The fabric mill can produce 15,000 – 20,000kg per month, with each fabric custom ordered to the customer’s specifications. Beyond the knitting mill the fabric sourcing team can source and develop any type of fabric using a vast network of suppliers throughout Asia and worldwide.


Print Department

 — Un–Available Ltd launched its own printing factory in 2008, providing a large variety of printing techniques from the simplest single colour placement to photo real CMYK. Since then the print department has seen the inclusion of digital printing to cater to our customer’s ever evolving needs.


Screen Printing

 — Utilising American made M&R printing equipment, all placement artwork is handled in–house. As part of our environmental initiatives, we use only water based inks and have eliminated the use of inks containing toxic chemicals ensuring we meet all customer requirements including CPSIA regulations for children’s wear.


Digital Printing

 — We use Japanese Mimaki machines and Italian inks offering digital printing on both wovens and knits, across a broad range of fabrics such as silk, cotton, nylon and polyester. With machines able to print up to 1.6m in width and the ability to provide small runs, Un–Available offer a very high standard of printing at very competitive prices.



 — Un–Available’s manufacturing facilities consists of over four hundred full time garment specialists arranged into eight process lines for fine knit, heavy and light wovens garments. Our custom manufacturing capabilities include low volume piece tailoring from 250 pieces to larger volume price point fashion lines of 10,000 pieces.

Currently the monthly capacity is 50,000 units, which is generally split 60% knit & 40% woven. We also have 2 dedicated sampling lines with a team of 50 to manage and produce samples, where we can also test and develop sewing techniques.


Quality Control

 — Quality control is paramount in a business with so many areas of production, which is why there are QC check points at each step in the production process. QC checks are conducted in–line on 100% of garments, and then again at final QC, with end of production conducting a 7 point check on 100% of finished goods.


Machinery Overview

 — 30 X Topstitch Kansai Machine / 40 X Overlock 4 Thread / 32 X Overlock 5 Thread / 103 X Single Needle Sewing Machine / 55 X Auto Single Needle Sewing Machine / 13 X Twin Needle Sewing Machine / 3 X Button Hole Machine / 3 X Button Attaching Machine / 4 X Button Attaching Machine – Metal / 2 X Keyhole Machine / 4 X Bartack Machine / 2 X Binding Machine 7 X Cutting Machine / 2 X Band Knife Machine / 2 X Interlining Press / 17 X Steam Irons (With Boilers)

All Machines Are Japanese JUki Brand And Where Not Available
We Use Brother And Sunstar Products.


Warehousing Facilities

 — Storage and warehousing is an important part of maintaining an organised manufacturing operation. Un–Available has the following facilities to manage the movement and storage of goods within the factory:

Goods received warehouse (220sqm) floor to ceiling racking with computer coding systems.

Fabric warehouse (180sqm) floor to ceiling racking with computer coding systems.

Trims warehouse (70sqm) floor to ceiling racking with computer coding systems.

Yarn warehouse (50sqm) Open plan containers sealed and dehumidified.

Finished goods warehouse (180sqm) All goods leaving the facility are stored here until shipment takes place.

Overstock / Asset warehouse (250sqm) storage of excess asset machinery, packing materials, overstock and long term storage.


Broken Needle Policy

 — To ensure the safety of the staff and the quality of our garments, all needles used and subsequently removed from machines and are kept in a book to ensure they are accounted for when being replaced. This allows each needle to be tracked individually should need be.


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05Supplier Network

 — We use a range of different suppliers, both locally and internationally to cater to the needs of our customers. Where possible we will use our network of local suppliers to provide us with a variety of different products and services that meet our exacting standards and those of our customers. When sourcing speciality products that are not available within  this local network, we have a number of suppliers located throughout Asia.

06New Development

 — We understand our customers are working in an extremely competitive industry and are looking for ways to offer the end consumer new and exciting products. For this reason our company is always on the lookout for new fabrics, trims and techniques that we can use and offer our customers, either from our suppliers or that we have developed ourselves in–house. Often our customers come to us with an idea and we will work with them to develop that idea into a production reality that suits their needs.

07Our Clients

 — Our clients range from Quicksilver to Prada and everyone inbetween, so we have experience in working on difference sized businesses, with different levels of quality expectations and needs. Our vertically integrated business model from making fabric all the way through to sewing the end product allows a higher level of control at each step in the manufacturing process and the ability to deliver a high quality product.


We are proud to work with brands including Prada, Miu Miu, Penfield, Marshall Artist,  I Love Ugly, Publish, Weekend Offender, Gorman, P.A.M, Lee & Quicksilver.


Contact Us —


Darren Chew
Chief Executive Officer
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Paul Norriss
Chief Operations Officer
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Lauren Dignan
Merchandising Manager
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